We put the same care and attention to detail into butchering your private stock as we do to producing our own cuts for retail through our shops. Our abattoir allows us to be absolutely certain of the high quality provenance of our products. We source all our red meats, game and poultry locally and over the decades we have established very strong links with the local farming community. As one drives or walks through rural Gloucestershire one can’t help but see the animals in the fields – these are the resources on which we draw – ensuring that the carbon footprint of the meat which we offer for sale is very low.


Our shops can supply your everyday domestic meat requirements. Every cut of beef, pork and lamb, we have sustainably sourced venison all year round and all sorts of other game and poultry. So far this year our wild boar (sourced from the Forest of Dean) sausages have been very popular!


If you work in catering we can supply your establishment with anything meat, poultry or game related – from an entire side of beef down to a dozen duck eggs and the endless variation between.


As part of our complete service for your private stock we offer butchery, packing and labelling to suit your needs, our teams of experienced master butchers will offer friendly advice on which cuts will best suit your requirements.


Below you can view and download handy cutting guides for your beef, pork, lamb and goats.


Depending on whether your meat is for personal consumption or distribution through Farmers Markets we will pack and label according to your direction.


We offer a complete service – we can make burgers, bacon and sausages for you and mince whatever you’d like minced. Please get in touch to discuss your bespoke requirements.


As standard we offer vacuum packing in LDPE 90 micron bags and freezer packing in LDPE 100 micron plastic bags. We can pack it all for you – so all you have to do is take it to your customers!

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