Our organic abattoir is situated in Eastington, Gloucestershire, just off junction 13 of the M5.


We take animal welfare extremely seriously, our delivery facilities are equipped to deal with all sizes of trailer and commercial vehicles, ensuring that your animals are offloaded in a stress free environment. Our trained and experienced staff will be onsite to assist with the entire delivery and process the paperwork on the spot.


Our EC licensed Abattoir and Cutting Plant, registered no. 8145, can process your:


  • Beef Cattle – including O.T.M. (over thirty months) stock.
  • Pigs
  • Lamb
  • Goats
  • Alpaca


Our abattoir is Demeter Organic approved and we hold their no. 6 stamp in the UK. We are also a Biodynamic approved abattoir, we will ensure that your ethical standards are upheld throughout delivery, slaughter, storage, butchery and packing of your carefully raised livestock.


Our lairage has spacious pens which are all regularly cleaned. Every delivery is met with fresh bedding and water and all animals are checked 3 times daily. Our staff have decades of experience in handling livestock and will ensure that your stock is treated with the highest ethical standards.


We will NEVER mix your stock with that of another customer, this ensures that there can be no tension between animals who don’t recognize one another, especially amongst porcine stock. This is vital – primarily ethically for the welfare of the stock and secondarily for the quality of the meat.

Dry Ageing